Thursday, May 15, 2008


Welcome to my blog. The title, Swamp Walking Woman, is the title of a book I will publish in the weeks ahead. It's a mythic fairy tale for modern times, a tale of women's strength. More on that later.

This blog will reflect my interests: writing, community, raising able children, health, and laughter. Oh, and I'm very enthusiastic about my two small grandsons.

In 2003 I published Sweet Potato Suppers, a memoir of the decade my husband and I lived on The Farm, a community of spiritual hippies. This book will soon be available as an e-book, as well as a book and a CD. That's right. I will read you a bedtime story while you sit back and relax. This is appropriate. The book started out as a story for my children, so they would know what The Farm had to do with them and with anyone who longs for connection, community, tribal living, and living green. Like most folks, I want to provide a green earth for our children unto the seventh generation.

WRITERS: As I explore the internet for ways to write and publish, I will share my findings with you. Here's one I'm just getting into. So far it is very good nuts and bolts advice. HOW TO WRITE AND PUBLISH YOUR OWN E-BOOK by Jim Edwards and Joe Vitale. Click Here!

PARENTS: I will also share links to advice for parents. I like Nicole MacKensie's ebook and on line class. There is no work more sacred than raising children. I made mistakes and muddled through. Of course, we all learn along the way--and now, with the internet, we elders can offer our experiences to the present generation of parents. See the curiosity based parenting method. No punishment. Free e-class. Learn to set rules and consequences that develop respect naturally… Plus have fun in the process.

LAUGHTER: Most everyone has had to solve health problems, especially those of us over 50. I'll share some of my discoveries and provide links to the sites that have helped me. Any thought of good health leads to the health of laughter. Start with James Siew's ebook of humor. Click Here!

I like jokes immensely. You can tell me your favorites and I'll tell you mine. I'll lead you to any great links I find for good stories, good jokes, and laughter. Yesterday I was driving in a quiet neighborhood when I looked up to see, just beyond a tall spruce tree, an orange stucco house sparkling in the sun. That house look so good I laughed out loud with only the car for audience.

Tales of the things children say and do are tops for me. Here's one. My grandson, at the age of 20 months, was just learning to jump. He would get up on a small stool, bounce up and down a few times, and carefully step down. Then he would say, "I jumped!" Now he is over two and he really does jump. Well, I'm going to imitate him. I'm just beginning to get the hang of blogging. Here's my first effort. I've bounced up and down a few times and stepped cautiously into cyberspace. Wow! I blogged!

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Trish Lapidus
Ps. Check out these links.

Curiosity based parenting method.

This fun ebook is worth the price just for the jaunty music--but don't try to read it while eating! These jokes will clear your sinuses. Click Here!

Till the next post. Swamp Walking Woman

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