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A Yankee Woman Finds Salvation in a Hippie Village

by Patricia Lapidus

Spiritual Hippies? These were the clean long-hairs, the ones who lived on the land, worked hard, and meditated to a joyful Ooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! that rose up through the trees and the golden morning air!”

Peace and Harmony. In this book you will discover how strangers lived together tribally—crowded and without running water or refrigeration—in peace and sanity far above the social norm. You will learn how the government watched and how that watching influenced the survival of the community.

A Gift for You. Here you will find information to help you live better with your own family and with those you may take into your home in an effort to lessen economic burdens.

Birth: You will see spiritual birth based on respect for the holy child and family.

Community: The community called The Farm was an attempt to stitch back together the torn fabric of social living, to make life fair and honest and safe. As for living green, we used to say, “Tread lightly on the earth.” Today we say, “Reduce your carbon footprint. For more green, Click Here!

Brief video about the book: temporarily not available.

Responses to Sweet Potato Suppers:

“I finished Sweet Potato Suppers and passed it on to a friend who passed it on to a friend. We all LOVE it. It's a real piece of history, documenting the Farm and community life in general. I especially appreciate your courage….” M

“I don't know HOW you have remembered so many little details about life on the Farm and all your experiences with everyone….And I find myself in you so often. My experiences and reactions - and I'll bet most of ours - were so similar to those you describe. What a riot! We've come a long way, Baby….Love the drawings too.“ ST

“Then a few more pages and I sat back and said, damn. This woman can write!.... This is not just history, this is poetry. This is ideas on the carrier wave of words. She is expressing thoughts I have expounded in conversation (as recently as yesterday to a reporter from Chicago) but never committed to paper, or seen in print. Amazing stuff, really, the diamond jewel in the lotus. The early days in the mud and cold and tents was the essence of the experience, that which was truly ineffable and utopian. You didn’t just tell it. You told it with style, you told it definitively. You made a mark, you set down the marker.” AB

i love your book!!!!
i'm almost done, & i want it to go on forever......
it's so thoughtful & thought provoking
thank you cc

You obviously did take delight in the simple moments of joy. I think it's so important that everybody gets to tell their stories now, it's what heals. And how wonderful for your children to read the stories. Thank you for writing your book, Patricia. CO

Be of good cheer! The Farm is still here. Furthermore, many of the members of The Farm, both those living on the land and the diaspora, are still committed to alternative birth and health and death, and to freedom, political and personal. They work actively to promote social change. For further information see

E-Book coming soon. Watch for Sweet Potato Suppers, eBook, audio book, and soft cover book, to be announced here soon.

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