Tuesday, June 15, 2010

City Gardens

Spring and Summer

The raised bed on the left is now brimming with peas, above.

There are more than 50 community gardens in New Haven, plots here and there where caring neighbors grow food for community kitchens. The generosity of spirit shown by these gardeners should be celebrated. They are a group dedicated to green living, to feeding folks, and to creating on our planet a hope and a determination that we will survive and prosper. There is no better answer to oppression and foolishness in high places than simply to flourish and live good lives such as we dream possible when we are children. This blog is dedicated to the Seventh Generation.

My book Swamp Walking Woman shows a community who must confront bossy "gators" and rally to take back the land on which to garden and prosper. Watch here for launch date.

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kathy said...

Oh, how exciting, Trish! I can't wait for your release date! Nice garden pics, btw.