Tuesday, October 19, 2010

While my book Swamp Walking Woman is getting a great response from readers, we are getting ready to launch a novel, Gideon's River, in time for the holidays.

This is a story about a family that heals itself from a centuries long drama we could call "the bully and the wimp."

Have you ever watched a child grow up without confidence? You will recognize that child in Gideon, a boy who does not sit and brood as some children might but pushes for a place in life, pushes in all the wrong ways, though with spirit.

Have you seen two family members arguing, perhaps shouting at each other, hurting each other more and more? You just want them to stop it--but they don't know how.

The story is about more than one family's struggles. It shows an entire community trying to find itself in the 1990s, which were a time of both darkness and incredible light.

For an excerpt, go to http://fictionforfamilies.wordpress.com

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