Friday, May 29, 2009

Everyone Can Write

This is my family and writing blog. It's informal. I invite your comments.

I am a writer and an encourager of writing. Whether you keep a journal for yourself alone or write professionally, I am cheering. I love words and all we are able to do with words.

This is the cover of my book of poems, Red Hen's Daughters, available from

It has never been easier to get feedback from other writers on the net. My latest discovery is a site called thenextbigwriter. People post their work and read and critique for one another. The standard of encouragement and good guidance is very high. Before that I found divinecaroline. This is just to name two. There are more.

Then, when your work is ready, you no longer have to court a traditional publisher if you don't want to. Even if you do publish with a traditional house, you still have to do your own marketing. So, I'm learning how to market my books--and learning what people want to read. There is nothing worth writing unless readers find it worth reading. I will shortly have specific guidance to offer about publishing and marketing your products.

Tell me what your interests are, what you want to read about. Contact me at

I will send you a gift. Write "gift" in the subject line so I won't miss your email. Love, Trish

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