Friday, May 29, 2009

Red Hen's Daughters

A Red Hen/Red Letter day! My father raised a few different varieties of chickens over the years. The earliest pictures I have, which were taken on the Oak Hill farm, show a mix of black chickens and white chickens. Later he kept Barred Rocks, whose white feathers were striped with black, a series of bars. But my favorites were the Rhode Island Reds with shiny rust-red feathers. The roosters sported long red tail feathers and some iridescent green ones. I could see why they walked so proud.

My book of poems, most of which have been previously published in a number of literary magazines, takes a grownup look at a farm childhood. Why were the hens not allowed to raise their own chicks? That was our top concern--until we noticed the slaughter.

While you are keeping an eye out for the poetry volume, watch also for my CD of samplings. The text tells writers how simple and easy it was to publish the CD. And it gives excerpts from my books. First, the revised edition of Sweet Potato Suppers. Then, a scene from Swamp Walking Woman, a fantasy novel about the strength of women in modern times. At the end of the CD are the first two chapters of Gideon's River, a novel about family.

You could use this method of writing and publishing to introduce yourself and your business or hobby. Keep an eye on my blog for the release of both.

And may your summer be blessed. Trish

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